The National Day of Tree Planting in Kazakhstan will be held within the month from April 16 to May 16, 2016. However taking into account the weather conditions the main activities in some regions can be held earlier or later than stated, in a more appropriate period for a particular area.

During the whole month, millions of volunteers will give a new life to a forest. Every year in spring and fall, more and more people in our country plant trees, commemorative alleys and forests following the call of their hearts. It is a good tradition that unites all these people in the willing to save and increase the most valuable treasure which is the unique nature of the Earth.

In order to participate:
1) Call the «Sustainable Development» Earth Foundation to order seedlings.
2) Be prepared to work for a few hours planting trees under the guidance of experienced people.

“The National Day of Tree Planting” is essential for the preservation and restoration of forests, development of urban green areas, development of public interest in the preservation and enhancement of forest resources, attracting resources for forests restoration projects in Kazakhstan.

Let's do a good deed together!

Dear KNGS members!

The Russian Geographic Society (RGS), KNGS partner, is delighted to announce the call for applications to participate in the 4th Youth Academic and Research Summer School of the Russian Geographic Society “Geography in the Modern World: Challenges and Prospects” which will take place at the unique open-air “Ethno-world” Cultural and Education Center of Kaluga oblast on 13 – 21 August, 2016.

Applicants must be senior students (undergraduate and graduate, postgraduate), specialists from Russia and near abroad.

The deadline is until July 1, 2016.

For more details please read:

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May 2016

Photo of the day

These rocks acquired their present form because of high temperatures, sunlight and strong wind. “The canyon or the dry intermountain valley consist of clay rocks, so they are more susceptible to rock failure. Here, there are distinct forms of relief, with no flora and fauna. Unlike Charyn canyon, where the water was a cause of failure, in this case it was caused by sun and wind.

Photo by V.Prokopenko,, KNGS expedition in Kashgar

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